• Boho Seventy: Taking It Easy

    Boho Seventy: Taking It Easy
    We are looking at the clothes and styles that will dominate this year’s Spring Season. The trend of fashion is constantly changing, so it is necessary that you must know what are the things needed to be done and what are those that you need to avoid. The Do’s and Don’ts are guidelines to follow for you to know the ins and outs...
  • Boho Seventy: Fashion And You

    Boho Seventy: Fashion And You
    One of the hottest trends 0f 2019 is BOHO Fashion. A woman like you deserves only the best clothing that anyone wishes for. BOHO70 is the perfect brand for every admired woman. Do you know why it is necessary for you to know why there are some guidelines with the way we dress up? Though we can create our own style to be...
  • Boho Seventy: The Inner Beauty

    Boho Seventy: The Inner Beauty
    I believe that all women are beautiful no matter how young or old, small or big, short or tall they may be. Each and every one of us is unique and it just adds to the beauty. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman who does not pretend to be something she is not. The beauty of a woman is not the...
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